How to Set Up a Facebook Storefront

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UPDATE 1/27/14: Facebook’s functionality has changed, and the Static HTML app no longer works with our code. We’re hoping to find another way to link your fan page to your store. Stay tuned!

Important note: Before implementing the Facebook Storefront, you will need to choose a Start Page your Associate Web Site. To do this:

1) Log into the back office.
2) Hover “My Profile,” and select, “Manage My Web Site” from the drop down menu.
3) Look for the option, “Select your Start Page.” Choose any of the start pages in the pull down menu
EXCEPT FOR “Isagenix Home Page.”

Once you have done this, you can continue with the steps below.

Aight, ya’ll – here’s how to set up your Facebook Store, from square one.  We know this can seem pretty complicated, but it’s really not that bad.  Just follow the steps below, one by one, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The first thing you need to do is create a fan page.  We’ve written an article on this previously – just go through the 4 steps in that post, and you’ll have a Facebook Fan page to call your own.

So here are the steps in the Vince / ShamWow IsaGeeks video:

1. Go to, and click the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button:

Static HTML- iframe tabs on Facebook

If you’re still logged in as your Fan Page, you will be asked to switch to your personal account. Go ahead and do this. You’ll be taken back to that  ”Add Static HTML to a Page” button page, so just click on it again.

2. You’ll be taken to another page that’s labeled “Add Static HTML: iframe tabs?”  Your site should appear here; if you have multiple Fan Pages, there should be a drop-down list with the name of your Facebook Fan page.  Choose your Fan Page from the drop-down:

3. On the next page (which will look suspiciously like the previous page, actually), click the “Add Static HTML: iframe tabs” button:

You may be taken to a page that looks like this, especially if it’s the first time you’ve tried to add code to your Facebook Fan Page like you are now:

Test Bed testytest

If so, go ahead and click on the HTML app, the one we’ve outlined in the red box.

4. You’ll then be taken to your Facebook Fan Page.  A new tab for “Welcome” will appear in your tabs, beneath your cover photo. If you have a lot of tabs already, you may need to click on the button to open them up and find it. When you do, click on it to open the tab.

5. Go to  These next steps will seem technical, but they’re not.  Stay with me here – we’re almost done.

6. On that page, you’ll need to enter your Isagenix retail site username – this is just the first part of the web address for your retail site.  So if your retail site web address is, then you’d enter brian in the “Retail Site URL” box.  You then need to pick your country and language from the drop-down list.

7. Click the “Generate Code” button. This will do just that – generate your code.  It will also automatically highlight all the code, so all you need to do is right-click on it, and choose “Copy“:

8. Go back to your Facebook Fan Page. Click on that new “Welcome” box.

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this at the top:

Test Bed testytest4

Click on that “Edit” button. You’ll get a page with a box that looks like this:

Test Bed testytest5

Enter in that code you copied earlier into the “index.html” box. It will go where we’ve already added our own sample code above.

Click the “all saved” button.

Booyah!  You’re now officially the proud owner of a Facebook Store.  To see your handiwork, click the “Preview” link on the next page.

You may also want to give your new tab an image to make it stand out on your page. We’ve created this image for just that purpose:

Just right click the picture above, and select, “Save As.” Save it somewhere you can get to it. Now open all of your tabs on your page hitting that button I mentioned before. When you mouse over your “Welcome” tab, you should see a little pencil icon on the corner. Click that, and then select, “Edit Settings.” Click on “Change” next to “Custom Tab Image,” and upload that picture we gave you.

Now… who’s awesome?

About the author

Rachel Coonley I'm a technical writer and certified (or should I say certifiable?) grammar geek with an affinity for cats, fake mustaches, zombies, organic gardening and, of course, healthy living. If you know what the Oxford comma is and your view aligns with mine, you might be my new best friend. Follow me on Twitter @LadyIsaGeek.

95 thoughts on “How to Set Up a Facebook Storefront

  1. You can also change the text that says WELCOME on the left hand side to anything you want, such as Isagenix Health and Wellness, or Shop Isageniz or My Isagenix Store. Go back into Edit Page, then into Apps, then by the Static HTML app click EDIT SETTINGS in the center – name it what you want and save.

    The subpages on the left are also MOVEable so if you have other tabs in there, go to the bottom, click See More and then Edit on the list of them, and drag and drop them to the order in which you want them – Make your Isatab closes to the top! The photos and info tabs won’t move but it can go right under.

    This is an incredible resource – quick and easy!

  2. stephanie toole on

    what if you already have a store for another small business? I sell handmade crafts. Can you create a second page? it automatically added it to the one I had and I don’t want it there, I want it on my personal page. hope that makes sense?

  3. Vonnie on

    When I click the save and view button and then want to see my page, it shows an error that the webpage cannot be displayed??? Not sure how to remedy this

  4. Steven Riecker on


    I think I did this right, but can’t find the page KSR-Wellness-Fb-Store

    when I do a search on Fb…

    Did I forget to do something here?

    Also, could you please send me an invite to Google Plus when you get a chance?



    • Eric Reid on

      When you search for “KSR Store,” it isn’t auto-populating results – but if you click on, “See results for” below the search bar, it shows you are in there. I’d suggest making sure you fill out the page completely with information and an avatar, and see if Facebook decides to display your page.

      Also, I’ve sent you your G+ invitation – looking forward to seeing you on there!

  5. Jamie on

    Hello, I just set up my website and then tried to click on “go to app” and an error comes up that says “You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed” I am not sure what to do? Thanks for your help :)

  6. Denai Vaughn on

    1) Clicking EDIT under your profile picture allows you to change the order the tabs appear (Wall, Info, Photos, Discussions, etc.). You can move WELCOME (or whatever you name it) higher up on the list as it defaults to the bottom.
    2) If you want your fan page to open to WELCOME by default, click EDIT INFO, then MANAGE PERMISSIONS.
    Change the Default Landing Tab to be WELCOME instead.

    WAH LAH – the first thing your visitors/fans see is your store…AND it appears in an easy to find location under your profile/sidebar image. WOOHOO!!!

    Check out mine: WOO HOO for Health

  7. Alicia Kent on

    Thank You….got it done easily…but now just wondering how I edit the recommended products that appear there….IsaDelights and a few other favs are not there!!

  8. Esther Bloom on

    The go to app does not work it says I do not have administrative access to this html!!1 HELP please thanks Esther Bloom

  9. Shannon Fisher on

    I LOVE THIS!! I have been branding myself already and this is an amazing addition. Thank you thank you!!

  10. Samantha on

    I LOVE you guys for putting that code generation site in there! I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!

  11. Chris Timson on

    When I go to step 3, there is no “Select Your Start Page” option. Any ideas and help would really be appreciated. Thanks. :)

  12. Gwendalyn Gilliam on

    Is it possible to change my isa user name? I’m also having trouble finding your instructions on setting up my fan page. I’ve done it before, it’s simple, I just don’t know what to call it….my

  13. anna on

    Im trying to add the facebook storefront. When I getting to the part to click on.. add static iframe tabs this comes up…”You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed”
    What im i doing wrong?

  14. JamieCrimmins on

    Hi Guys. I am seeing the html code on the page even though the preview shows the store front. I even tried looking at it as a different user. Any ideas?

  15. Sharlene Foley on

    went to “go to app” when I clicked on it I did not get a chose of isatraining fbstore…all I got was “you do not admin any pages for which this app can be installed” how do I get the dropdown?

  16. i did not see a drop down menu for the store. I know it is there when I view my page as a non fan but when i visit as a fan, the store or link does not show up

  17. gwnedalyn gilliam on

    I went to the go to apps page and it took me to my personal fb page….help fast I’ve invited beacoup folks to my site….eek!

  18. German Gonzalez on

    Hello, Please can you translate this information in Spanish for spanish associates. Is a little difficult for me to understand the procedure. Thanks, German

  19. gwnedalyn gilliam on

    ok that began to work. stil having issues inporting my contacts, doesn’t support my email…..

  20. gwnedalyn gilliam on

    opk, so I enabled FBML and it said it works but when I tried to view it, it says the page doesn’t exist. Do I have to wait or what? thx for putting up w/my impatience. I treid callin isa cust support to talk w/you today…..

  21. Julie Waller on

    I think I followed all the steps, generated the code and got the store to show up so I could make sure it worked. Now, how do I get it to appear on the new FB page when people land on it? P.S. – it’s late and I might have missed something :-\

  22. ruthe paeste on

    i’ve gone through all the steps, but i cannot copy and paste the html to the facebook box “enter your content here”. for some reason it won’t paste. i can’t even type anything on the box. HELP!!

  23. Nancee Kemper on

    I set up my fan page – easy! I set up my Isagenix store on facebook – even easier! But how do I link my personal facebook page to my fan page? Help! :)

  24. Heidi on

    Thanks for the easy to follow steps. I’m very new to the Fan Page world and I’m confused. I followed all the steps and could view the page, but when I’m on my fan page I don’t see how anyone gets to the store??? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Sherry R. on

    I keep trying to go to my backoffice, manage your website, select your startpage… and I keep getting an error message!! I do want to add my store front to a current page… Is there another way to do this? Is there something going on with backoffice page that is down?

  26. Roman on

    Only small problem .. I do not get the small popup to select the site :-( Now only gives me message that the iframestabs app is already installed :-( Any idea how to remove the app and start over? I have tried 3 different browsers and same results – cannot get to step # 2 :-(

  27. Lyn Montes on

    OK so what did I do wrong I can’t see my store? Was the name of my fan page supposed to be exactly the same as my Isagenix replicated site?

    Also I it keeps changing to company and I can’t get the brand to stay on my category either. Help please

  28. Torin on

    I need help with this, everything works up till step 8. At that point, the welcome tab is displaying a rotating circle, as if it’s loading but it never does so there’s no content box to post my generated code into. How can I fix this?

  29. Laurie Morris on

    How do I get back to seeing my fan page as a fan instead of a non-fan – i can’t seem to get back to that.

  30. Deborh da Silva on

    I can copied the FB code but it cannot be viewed as a store.
    I get a popup comment “only secure content is displayed” with a button “show all content” When I click on the show all content button, nothing changes. If you go to my facebook page “Nutrition Therapy” and click on “Isagenix Shop Online” you will see what I mean.

  31. David Patterson on

    Hi Friends, I’ve followed the above instructions and i can see my store. I’ve also set up as default landing page for both new and existing friends in manage settings.I’ve changed my tab too.
    Why can’t i see it when i land?

    Also as you isageeks are so awesome what about an email letter we could use for marketing?

    thanks dave

  32. Wendy Lane on

    Hey Guys,
    I tried to change the site page under my profile to add the Facebook store and I was unable to change it to Are you Toxic, it came up as an error. Can you assist me with this please?
    Thank you in advance for your time.

  33. Colleen on

    Correct me if I’m wrong Brian or Eric, but my understanding is that iFrame pages cannot be made default landing pages in FB. Perhaps that is why David P.’s isn’t showing up?

  34. Marsha on

    I tried to do it and I got this error” Note: Facebook policy forbids autoplaying media on tabs. Make sure your tab doesn’t autoplay anything, or your page may get shut down!” Any ideas?

  35. Wendy Lane on

    So I have read all 51 comments and have yet to ready the answers to correct or modify or help all of us who have submitted a comment. How do I correct the error on setting the Web sit configuration?

    • Eric Reid on

      Hi Wendy – yes, the blog is not the best place for us to help out on. We try to get everyone to ask their questions on our Facebook Group, as there are a number of associates on there who may have the answers people need as well. You’re likely to get a faster response there, so come stop by! :)

  36. Hi, I am so excited to get my Facebook storefront set up! However, I have no other options in my dropdown menu box other than “Isagenix home page”. Since this seems to be the first step I’m stuck. Help!

    • Eric Reid on

      And you’re sure you’re in the right section of the back office? Just after logging in you want to move your mouse over “My Profile” on the toolbar, then move down to, “Manage my web site” and click. This takes you to a page looking like this:

      If you’ve gotten to this page, there shouldn’t be any reason only one option for your Start Page shows up. If that’s the case, though, try asking your question again in the Isageeks Facebook Group. There are a lot more people there who may be able to help you

  37. How to link a web addy to personal Isagenix site? on

    I recently bought a w eb address through Go Daddy and I am trying to figure out how I can tie that web address to my isagenix personal site. Another words if I direct people to my new go daddy . Com site that it will tie into my namesake isagenix site? Please advise. Thank you. I did not see a phone number to contact you, isageeks..

  38. c.santana on

    Ok i guess because i am not germany :0(
    i can not get this I did not get the two pull down menus.

  39. Help, please! I followed all the steps excellently delineated in HOW TO SET UP A FACEBOOK STOREFRONT. Yet, after pasting the html code in the content box, when I clicked (numerous times)”view your tab as a non fan” the page refreshed back (numerous times)to the edit page displaying the html code. Whereupon, thinking I should repeat the process from zero—I deleted the “Welcome” button on my fan page. In turn, I deleted the STATIC HTML: iFRAME TABS, altogether. Now, as I am attempting to redo the process from scratch, when I navigate to STATIC HTML app, the pop-up states the app is already in operation for all applicable pages!? Can you please help wrap my mind around this techno-conundrum? Many thanks!

  40. When I generate code and save and view tab – I can see it and it looks fine. But if I go out of the page and back – viewing as either a fan or non fan it is no longer there. Just empty code box.

  41. i’m having the same issue as Anne above – when entering My Isagenix Store, i am getting 2 empty boxes (Enter Contents here, and Fans Only Content)

  42. Samantha on

    I have tried to set up the facebook storefront. Following your steps but when I get to the last step of save adn view, there is nothing on my page. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have the new timeline fan page so not sure if there is a step I am missing.

  43. Perla Cox on

    Hello, i would like to set up my store front, but can’t. when i go to the web address on facebook there is no go to application tab. can you please tell me what do do. I have tried for two days now. i’m a little frustrated. Thank You.

  44. Dr Steve key on

    Please upgrade this info for the new timeline format for FB. The info is not the same for the new FB format. Thanks.

  45. Jenn on

    I just recently did my isagenix business website. I have followed your facebook fan page steps and how to set up my store front and thanks for that. But was wondering if you could help assist me on where and how to get the right traffic any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks :)

  46. June Townsend on

    I am trying to follow the steps to setting up a storefront on my FB fan page. The first link, doesn’t take me anywhere to select the ap. Has something changed?

  47. Carla Sautell on

    I followed the instruction and entered the facebook code and then saved. When i hit preview it just shows a blank area and nothing else. What am I doing wrong?

  48. weaver on

    quick question…

    can you set up more than one storefront on the same fan page?… reason i’m asking is that you ask us to pick a ‘market’ area – ie USA…

    so, with having to pick that one market does that pose any problem with anyone from another market (ie mexico, etc) buying from your fanpage isa storefront?…

    and if it does.. would you want to set up other storefront ‘tabs’ for the different markets?… hope this makes sense…

    many thanks… :o)

  49. Evelyn Keiling on

    Have these instructions been updated for the new FB timeline apps?

  50. Casey James on

    Just a quick heads up … the instructions do need to be updated …. Static iFrames has changed how to do the setup and the code generator area is now different – the visuals posted here will throw new people off on how to do this … I just set someone’s up for them and only because I have done it a few times was I able to get it to work ……. just my two cents :)

  51. What if I already have a facebook fan page? can I use that one or do I need to set up another one for the store front? Thanks in advance for your help!!

  52. Shannon Taylor on

    Is it possible for us to get an updated version of these instructions?


  53. Martha Vaughn on

    I cannot get the storefront into my facebook page with the html static button. Its just an empty page, now that I have generated the app for the html it will no longer work because it says its already installed. Can you please help? Thanks!

  54. Tamie Cox on

    I tried to create a fb store front but there is a error message. Is there another app we can use or will this be fixed soon?
    The app “Static HTML: iframe tabs” is temporarily unavailable due to an issue with its third-party developer. We are investigating the situation and apologize for any inconvenience.

  55. This no longer works with that app. one in no longer looks like this when you get into it. 2 if does not allow you to have an image without paying $29 a month. is there another app we can use?

  56. Completed the store front procedure. When I preview it says page not found. I press my website at top of the page and it gets me in but it’s half english half french

    • Rachel Coonley on

      @Catherine: My apologies, but as the note at the top of this post indicates, the Static HTML app on Facebook no longer works with our code. We’re looking into other options.

    • Rachel Coonley on

      @Sharon: At this time, we haven’t found a free solution yet. We’re still trying, though!

  57. I’m still having trouble trying to get my store onto my facebook fan page, every time I place my code into the box and click save all it trys to charge me $29 a month!!!! Please help!!!!

    • Rachel Coonley on

      @Katrina: Unfortunately, Facebook’s functionality has changed, and the Static HTML app no longer works with our code. This is a known issue, and we are attempting to find another storefront solution for you.

  58. Why does it come up in a different language? Is this due to the functionality changes? It works but when I click on Welcome link it

    • open to strange words. The return to home and sign up n save all work – it just looks like its not working on the opening page. Not sure if I make sense – please help.

      • Rachel Coonley on

        @Nikki, no worries! I’m glad you figured it out! My apologies for not responding sooner. I was at Celebration.

      • Rachel Coonley on

        @Nikki: No problem! Glad you figured it out. Let me know if you have more questions. :)

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