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We’ve added a little something extra to our blogs this week – the Facebook Face Pile plug-in.

“What does it do,” you might ask? Well, if you’re logged into Facebook, it shows you how many of your own contacts there have also liked our Fan Page. If you’re reading this from the IsaGeeks blog right now, it’s that little window to the right. (The headline, “Isagenix® on Facebook” is probably a dead giveaway.)

If you’re one of our many e-mail subscribers, of course, you’ll want to swing by and check it out. You can also see it on Isagenix Health and IsaFYI.

Face Pile on IsaGeeks

This plug-in is great for creating awareness for a Fan Page among a sites’ visitors. Rather than simply putting up a link to your Fan Page, you can show them how many people they know have already discovered it. This gives them another reason to visit your page, Like it, and join in on the conversations you have there.

If you want to set this up as well on your own site, the plug-in for Face Pile is available here.

Bear in mind, we didn’t create Face Pile, so we can’t really talk you through the set-up. It will require some coding to get this installed. So if you’ve been waiting for a reason to call that nephew of yours who’s good with computers, now’s the time.

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