Automatic Posting to Facebook Notes is Going Away

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A while back, we showed you how to turn on or off importing blogs to your Facebook Notes. Well, it looks like that’s now coming to an end.

If you currently have this set up, you’ve likely already seen this message on your profile:

Why the change? There’s no word. However, if you have this set up currently for your Facebook profile, you will need to add stories manually after the 22nd.

Bear in mind, this is hardly a bad thing. Studies have shown that automatically posting content to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. drastically reduces engagement. One study showed that auto-posting to Facebook decreased Likes by 70%. Their conclusion was that since Facebook truncated automatic posts, there was less for people to see when they discovered them, and therefore less of a chance that they would interact with them.

My own feeling is that people are less likely to look at something that has been re-shared than something a friend or associate took the time to write out. If you come across a story that is interesting to you, it stands to reason that the people who connected with you with will be more interested in your post if you tell them why you find it interesting yourself.

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