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After much to-do and hub-bub – or for those of you in this century, after a lot of mp3 editing and XML feed parsing – all five of the Isagenix Podcasts are now available on iTunes!

Isagenix Healthy Aging & Living Podcast on iTunesIsagenix Fitness & Performance Podcast on iTunesIsagenix Business Training Podcast on iTunesIsagenix Product Training Podcast on iTunesIsabody Challenge Podcast on iTunes

If you want to subscribe to any of our podcasts, it’s a really simple operation. Just be sure you have iTunes loaded on your computer before you begin.

1) Click on the image above for the podcast you’re interested in. You’ll be taken to Apple’s iTunes page for the podcast.

2) Click on the button. You will get a pop-up asking if you want to let the page open iTunes for you. You do, so click on the “Launch application” button.

3) Once iTunes loads, click on the, “Subscribe free” button.

Voila! You’re done! Now, whenever there is a new show on that podcast, iTunes will download the show for you automatically. If you have an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you can sync it to your iTunes account so these shows are loaded onto the device for you. This way you can have the shows ready for you whenever – and wherever – you’re ready to listen to them.

About the author

Eric Reid Hi all – I’m Eric, and I form half of the IsaGeeks with Brian Anderson in the IsaGeeks training videos. I’m on Twitter and . My life’s mission is to code a tool that will automatically write “about the author” bio pages, so I don't have to keep writing these. So until that day comes, I will continue to observe the first two rules of Fight Club.

4 thoughts on “All Isagenix Podcasts Now on iTunes

  1. George Petriccione on

    Hello, what happened to the Product training Podcast that it hasn’t updated since 6/18?



  2. Sandy Golder on

    Hi Eric,
    Is there a way to sync isagenix podcasts to a Samsung S5? Recently switched from an iPhone and Im missing having my podcasts on there to listen to.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Sandy :)

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