Facebook Code Generator

UPDATE 1/27/14: Facebook’s functionality has changed, and the Static HTML app no longer works with our code. We’re hoping to find another way to link your fan page to your store. Stay tuned!

Here’s the code generator we promised for your Facebook store. How cool is it that we’re writing code for you remotely? Awww yeah, baby…

So here’s what you do:

  1. Enter your retail website name in the box below.  For example, if your retail site’s web address is davepickrell.isagenix.com, you would enter “davepickrell” in the first field.

  2. Choose your country and language.

  3. Click the Generate button.

Retail Site URL:.isagenix.com
example: YourUserName.isagenix.com

My Market:

6 thoughts on “Facebook Code Generator

    • Rachel Coonley on

      @Haslib: My apologies, but the code generator no longer works with Facebook’s code. This problem affects all markets, unfortunately. Please refer to the note in red at the top of the post for more info.

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